If you are looking for funky and modern hair and the latest styling techniques, we are the team to visit. Because we attend regular TIGI course and we are always up to date with the latest trends and industry news.

Our stylists combines technical skill with creative flair, making us absolutely confident in our ability to give you the hair of your dreams.

TIGI colours

TIGI copyright colour is setting a new industry standard for professional haircolour, providing you with a opportunity to colour your hair with freedom & expression, using unique personal style to enhance your individuality

The intermixable product collection is designed using Creative Intelligence; a system which works to ensure that vibrant, consistent colour is achieved each time.

Choose from a selection of full coverage permanent colour, to demi-permanent colour with extreme shine, or an added striking boost to create your bespoke look.

Wheather you want to lighten, darken, simply change the tone of hair or cover unwanted greys.

TIGI copyright colour provides the ultimate solution to all of your haircolour requirements.

Now is your chance to pop into our salon to browse the shades throughout our book for inspiration, helping you decide which colour you wish to try next. Work with our stylist/colourist to assess which shades may suit your skin tone & discuss the possibilities for how to achieve your desired look. Then sit back & wait for the colourist to craft your perfect shade.

The best shades are the ones you invent We also use deep conditioning treatments to keep your scalp and hair healthy. With continual training we offer the latest cutting, colouring and styling techniques.

We are NVQ trained to levels 1,2 & 3 as well as City & Guild and Tigi.

Hair Extensions

If you are unhappy with your current hairstyle or the length or thickness of your own hair, We can offer you the option of hair extensions, we offer two different types of hair of Wonderful hair or Rehab hair.

A quick and easy way to get the gorgeous long hair of your dreams
Hair attached a small distance away from the root area, allowing for natural movement
The joins between your own hair and the extensions are almost imperceptible
You can add thickness or colour to any length of hair with the right extensions


We recommened you coming into the salon every 4-6 weeks for maintences.

Every client is different and therefore, some people’s hair extensions will last longer than others depending on their natural hair type. After this period they will need to be replaced. If you wish, you can have your hair extensions removed and reapplied on the same day, ensuring that your hair continues to look its best.

It is important that hair extensions are not worn for longer than three months, before having them reapplied. Due to your hair’s natural life cycle, it is normal to loose up to 100 hairs a day as part of this natural process. When wearing hair extensions the shed hair remains trapped within the bond, and over time it will start to build up at the roots. This can cause matting at the root area if the extensions are worn for too long. Also, as your natural hair continues to shed, the extensions will be secured by fewer strands of your real hair, producing an imbalance of weight and subsequently causing excessive strain on the natural hair if the extensions are kept in longer than three months. Therefore, if you leave it too long before having your hair extensions reapplied, you run the risk of damaging your own hair. Additionally, since the extensions grow with your own hair, after three months the bonds will have grown down significantly, and can become visible and can also start getting caught during brushing and styling.

We also provide Beauty treatments and tanning for more information contact the salon